Creative Struggle Bus

The Creative Struggle Bus by BouDIY®

Keep It Real, Keep It Booked with Enjoyable and Authentic Marketing for Creative Boudoir Photographers.

My approach:

Ditching the conventional for something that resonates with the heart of my brand, GlamMarr®.

The result:

Amazing reviews, a booked-solid schedule, a waitlist stretching years along with a fulfilling career that supported me in every way.

The Creative Struggle Bus addresses your unique challenges and leverages your strengths, turning what might have been a mundane task into an exciting project that sparks your creativity and passion. By the end, you'll not only have a new set or a refreshed studio space but also a solid, effective marketing campaign that draws clients in and showcases your work in the best light. (Pun absolutely intended)

Course Highlights:

Creative Core of Marketing: Marketing strategies designed specifically for the imaginative minds of boudoir photographers. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to engaging, creative marketing that sparks joy and interest.

Tailored for Creatives: Specifically designed for boudoir photographers, this course addresses your unique needs and leverages your artistic strengths, ensuring marketing feels like a natural extension of your creative process.

Engagement Through Innovation: We understand creatives get bored easily. That's why we've based our marketing campaigns around tangible projects like studio redesigns or thematic set builds, keeping you constantly engaged and inspired.

Marketing Meets Set Design: Learn how to blend traditional marketing knowledge with the fun process of creating new set build or designing a space in your studio. This course makes marketing as exciting as picking a new theme or wall color for your next shoot. Plus, I will show you how to guarantee the success of your concept without wasting time or energy!

This course goes beyond traditional marketing education by infusing it with creativity and hands-on projects, ensuring you remain engaged and apply what you learn directly to your business. It's crafted to transform the way boudoir photographers approach marketing, turning it from a chore into a creative, fun and impactful part of your business strategy.

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